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Despite the near impossibility of overcoming the police testimony, a signed confession and a signed Miranda rights waiver, Daniel McGarrigle won the case with a unanimous jury acquittal.

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July 2020 Review in a Megan’s Law Case: “Many of you may not remember Stan Musial “ he was a baseball player back in the 40s”. But Stan always came through in clutch situations getting the nickname Stan the man. Recently I got into some trouble with my Megan’s law restrictions. Needless to say I was facing some time or many more years of probation. Dan came through in the end, having Defending me against all odds Dan made the worst situation into something him and I never discussed. I got no time and little probation. If u need a lawyer “DAN IS THE MAN.” (Review from the McGarrigle Law Firm Google profile)

Sex Crimes Philadelphia, Media, Delaware County Criminal Defense LawyerNo other type of crime carries a social stigma like a crime of an alleged sexual crime. In Pennsylvania a conviction for such a crime carries much more than social stigma as such a person can be subject to mandatory minimum lengthy prison sentences, as well as often a lifetime of registration as a sexual offender. This registration will last well beyond any prison term and severely limits a person ability to work, live, and socialize where they so choose. For these reasons, it is vital that you retain a skilled criminal defense attorney with experience in these matters.

In many cases, sexual offenses are prosecuted solely upon the word of a single individual. While the evidence may seem lacking in this regard, under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania an individual may be convicted solely upon the word of the accuser. In cases such as this, a skilled trial attorney is key to attacking the credibility and reliability of the prosecution’s witness. Do not wait until it is too late to retain counsel and build a defense. As soon as an accusation is made is the time you must retain an attorney to protect your rights.

Whether you are charged with Rape, Statutory Rape, Unlawful Contact with a Minor, Sexual Abuse of Children or even Possession of Child Pornography you must have an experienced and skilled advocate on your side. Serious charges require a serious and experienced attorney. A criminal defense attorney with trial experience as well as experience in investigating crimes of this nature is your key to protecting your freedom and your reputation.

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"He was polite and always returned my phone calls, he was never too busy for me."

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"Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law can be a very scary experience. Daniel made the process clear and easy to understand." -Doreen

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