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Not Guilty – Chester Co. Murder Case
DUI Charges Dismissed – Phila. DUI Case
Suppression Granted – Phila. Drug Charge Case

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“Despite the near impossibility of overcoming the police testimony, a signed confession and a signed Miranda rights waiver, Daniel McGarrigle won the case with a unanimous jury acquittal.”

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Daniel McGarrigle in philly.comAfter firm founder Daniel McGarrigle convinced the Commonwealth to drop the 1st degree murder charge, Mr. McGarrigle’s client pled guilty to 3rd degree murder. “Delco man pleads guilty in fatal 2017 road-rage shooting” (Sept. 2018) Read more.

Daniel McGarrigle Interviewed by ABC NewsPhiladelphia 6ABC’s Vernon Odom interviewed firm founder Daniel McGarrigle about his client’s Delaware County, PA criminal case. (Mar. 2017) Read more.

Daniel McGarrigle Interviewed by PhillyVoiceCriminal attorney Daniel McGarrigle interviewed about the Bill Cosby sex assault case in Montgomery County. Mr. McGarrigle discussed Cosby’s immunity claims. (Feb. 2016) Read more.

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The McGarrigle Law Firm recognizes that being charged with a criminal offense can be an overwhelming experience for anyone.

Criminal charges can result in loss of employment, personal reputation, and most importantly: your freedom, so it is critical to build the strongest defense possible.

No matter what the criminal charge may be, it is your personal liberty and your good name at risk and you must take the necessary actions to defend and protect yourselfHiring The McGarrigle Law Firm is the first step you can take today towards protecting everything that you have.

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    Build a Rock Solid Defense with The McGarrigle Law Firm

    With experience defending every type of criminal offense, all throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Firm is able to protect your rights throughout the harrowing process of navigating the criminal justice system. This process is complex, and can be intimidating, so having a skillful and experienced lawyer is critical.

    From first degree murder, to complex internet crimes, to alleged sexual offenses, and all the way down to simple possession of marijuana we have successfully handled every type of alleged criminal offense. When criminal charges involve serious allegations the consequences are all the more serious for you so you need a lawyer that has handled your type of case before and knows exactly how to defend you. We also recognize that even the “smallest” criminal case can be the most life changing and serious event in a person’s life, so each and every client gets the same attention and zealous advocacy.

    Criminal Trial Experience & Zealous Advocacy

    A criminal conviction for any offense can change a person’s life forever and for this reason it is imperative that as soon as you are charged with any crime you begin building your defense. Even if you have not yet been charged with a crime there are vitally important steps you must take to protect your rights if you are being investigated. The foundation of your criminal defense cannot be built too soon and contacting The McGarrigle Law Firm is the first step.

    The Firm’s devoted attention to your individual concerns, our vast trial experience in all types of criminal matters, and our skillful advocacy will ensure that your rights are protected. When your personal freedom is at stake and the pressure of criminal charges is too great to handle, you need an aggressive, thoughtful, and skillful defense team to keep your rights protected and your freedom intact.