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Daniel McGarrigle phila delco criminal lawyer in Delco Times

Man Charged with Felony Rape After Sexual Encounter with Teen
(April 17, 2019)

Charges: Felony Rape Charges and Other Felony Charges
Summary: Felony Rape Charges Dismissed, All 1st Degree Felony Charges Also Dismissed

A 23 year old man from Havertown, Delaware County pleads guilty to statutory sexual assault, a second degree felony, after his attorney, Daniel McGarrigle negotiates a plea deal and convinces the Commonwealth to drop felonies of the first degree, including rape charges.  (www.delcotimes.com/news/havertown-man-pleads-guilty-for-sexual-encounter-with–year/article_721e75e8-608e-11e9-a8ef-6b8465ed5304.html)


“Delco man pleads guilty in fatal 2017 road-rage shooting”
(September 5, 2018)

Charges: 3rd Degree Murder

A Delaware County man pleads guilty to third degree murder after his attorney, Daniel McGarrigle, convinces the Commonwealth to drop the first degree murder charge. (www2.philly.com/philly/news/pennsylvania/david-desper-2017-road-rage-shooting-chester-county-20180905.html)
Daniel McGarrigle phila delco criminal lawyer in Delco Times

“Will judge allow CGI at road rage trial of man accused of shooting Bianca Roberson?”
(May 21, 2018)

Charges: 1st Degree Murder and Other Charges

A Delaware County man faces murder charges in an alleged road rage killing in West Goshen, Chester County, PA. (www.delcotimes.com)


“Surprised friends knew accused road rage killer as ‘cool, calm'”
(July 3, 2017)

Criminal attorney Daniel McGarrigle’s Chester County, PA First Degree Murder case was featured in a Philly.com article. The case involves alleged charges of a road rage killing. (www.philly.com/philly/news/crime/surprised-friends-knew-accused-road-rage-killer-cool-calm-20170703.html)

“Day care worker charged after video appears to show her pushing child down the stairs”
(March 7, 2017)

Firm founder Daniel McGarrigle’s Delaware County, PA criminal case featured in a national news article. (abcnews.go.com/US/day-care-worker-charged-video-appears-show-pushing/story?id=45971702)


“‘Tainted’ cop gets his job back”
(November 20, 2014)

Result: Mr. McGarrigle’s client was acquitted of all charges including PWID (Possession with Intent to Deliver) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Daniel McGarrigle goes on record with Philly.com, discussing the Philadelphia Police corruption scandal: “I’m shocked and outraged but somehow not surprised,” said attorney Daniel McGarrigle, who represented a Jordanian smoke shop merchant who told investigators that Cujdik’s squad destroyed his surveillance cameras and stole money and merchandise.


Daily Local News

“Jury: Not Guilty”
(March 1, 2008)

Charges: Murder

A Chester County jury found Daniel McGarrigle’s client “Not Guilty” after a murder trial, involving a 30 year old homicide. (www.dailylocal.com/article/20080301/TMP01/303019972)

Daniel McGarrigle phila delco criminal lawyer in Delco Times

“Glen Mills man faces child-pornography rap”
(June 3, 2011)

Charges: Possession of Child Pornography

20 year old Glen Mills (Delco, PA) man facing child porn charges after investigation by the Delaware County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The sentence was 11½ to 23 months in prison, mostly on electronic home monitoring. (www.delcotimes.com)

“Of The Law, A ‘Mistake’ & The Scent Of Skunk”
(April 23, 2012)

Charges: Murder

Daniel McGarrigle’s client featured in a local news series. The case involved an appeal (Pennsylvania Post Conviction Relief Act) and claims of ineffective assistance of counsel for a 1989 plea agreement which resulted in a prison sentence of life without parole. (articles.philly.com)

Daily Local News

“Pot grower sentenced to county prison”
(Sept. 28, 2011)

Charges: Manufacture of Drugs (*The client avoided a 5 year mandatory prison sentence and instead received a county jail sentence.)

Daniel McGarrigle’s case was featured in a local news paper. The case involved a large scale marijuana grow operation in Chester County, PA. (www.dailylocal.com)
penn live

“At his sentencing, former physician’s assistant calls arrest on child sex crimes…”
(Dec. 9, 2011)

Charges: Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse

Physician’s assistant in Dauphin County, PA charged with possessing child pornography and confesses to child molestation crimes. (blog.pennlive.com)
Main Line Suburban Life news

“Judge throws out rape case”
(July 16, 2010)

Charges: Rape

Local news article featured Lincoln University rape case. Daniel McGarrigle got a rape charge dismissed for his client. (www.mainlinemedianews.com)
Mercury News

“Former Hill teacher arraigned, to face charges of pursuing female student”
(Aug. 26, 2010)

Charges: Endangering the Welfare of a Child

A former high school teacher was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct with a student in Lower Pottsgrove, Montgomery County, PA. (www.pottsmerc.com)
Sun Gazette

“Judge grants cop’s request to withdraw plea”
(Oct. 13, 2011)

Mr. McGarrigle’s client, a police officer, was able to withdraw his plea in a Lycoming County criminal case involving a Theft charge. (www.sungazette.com)
Montgomery Media

“Drug suspect waives hearing”
(June 29, 2012)

Charges: Manufacture of Drugs

The article featured a large scale drug (methamphetamine) bust in Montgomery County, PA. Mr. McGarrigle’s client was charged with manufacturing a controlled substance. (www.montgomerynews.com)

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