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Internet Crimes



Criminal Lawyer for Pornography, Cyber Crimes, Etc.

Philadelphia, Media, Delaware County Criminal Defense Lawyer Internet CrimesThe internet has changed the everyday lives of virtually all people as almost each and every aspect of daily life is now online. With more internet traffic comes more avenues for alleged internet or “cyber” crimes. Serious crimes like possession of child pornography, cyber stalking or harassment, and identity theft often involve complicated and complex issues that require an expert understanding in how information is exchanged and shared online.   When you are charged with such an offense you need an attorney who is experienced in defending these types of allegations.

Additionally, crimes that were traditionally carried out in other ways are often now alleged to be done through the use of computers and the internet. Drug trafficking, intimidation of a witness, trademark counterfeiting and sports betting are now often alleged to have been carried out through the use of the internet. In cases such as these, collection of vital information from websites, emails, and online accounts requires a detailed understanding of the law in this area. Once you have been accused of such a crime it is vital that you do not compound your legal troubles by trying to erase or “fix” the problem on your own. A criminal defense attorney with experience in these matters is key to protecting your rights and defending yourself against these charges.