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Expungement Lawyer in Pennsylvania

expungements criminal law paA criminal record for any offense carries a social stigma and can negatively affect a person’s chances for future employment and career advancement. Additionally a criminal record can be an absolute bar to obtaining a gun permit as well as many professional licenses. A mistake or misunderstanding in your past does not have to negatively affect you for the rest of your life. Pennsylvania law allows for expungement of summary offenses, which are minor crimes tried by a judge only and include offenses such as traffic tickets and contempt of court. If you are eligible for an expungement of an offense such as this, an experienced criminal defense attorney can explain the process to you and can file for expungement on your behalf. Once successfully completed, your criminal record will be wiped clean as if the entire incident never happened.

Pennsylvania law also allows for the expungement of any arrest that does not lead to a criminal conviction. Whether your charges were dismissed by the court for lack of evidence, dropped by the prosecutor voluntarily after a review of the evidence, or you successfully completed a pre-trial diversion program (commonly referred to as the A.R.D. program in most jurisdictions) you will still have a permanent record of being arrested and charged with the crime in the first place. Do not let this evidence of a past mistake or someone else’s misunderstanding negatively affect your future, hire an experienced attorney to review your record and protect your future.